/kro͞oz/ n. a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a vacation and usually calling in at several places.

Crown Princess To The Rescue Update

New details and pictures of the Crown Princess rescue story have become available to share.

On 6 June the Crown Princess was heading from Ketchikan to Vancouver and approaching the Pine Island Pilot Station when they received a “Mayday” message from a fishing boat that had lost a crew member overboard. Crown Princess altered course to assist the fishing boat. Before Crown Princess arrived on scene, the fishing boat had recovered the man overboard, who was injured and had transferred him to a tug boat, which was towing a large barge. Crown Princess launched one of her Fast Rescue Boats (FRC) and transferred a medical team consisting of the Senior Doctor and a Nurse to the tug. Shortly afterwards, an aircraft from the Canadian Coastguard dropped two paramedics by parachute into the water near the tug. Unfortunately the tug was unable to pick them up, as the barge would have could not be stopped and would have run the tug over. Both paramedics were recovered from the water by the Crown Princess FRC and transferred to the tug. A Canadian Coastguard Helicopter arrived on scene and winched up the injured crew member, the two paramedics and a nurse from Crown Princess, taking them to a Juneau Hospital. It was a memorable cruise for the passengers and a great response from the Crown Princess.

Joined Princess Photos


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