/kro͞oz/ n. a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a vacation and usually calling in at several places.

Social Media and Cruise Travel Update

On June 12th posted an article on social media and its increasing impact on cruisers. The Cruise News Critic final survey results are in and over 83% see value in a resource that shares other travelers’ experiences.

Princess Cruises received the 2014 “Overall Use of Social Media by a Cruise Line” award from Travel + Leisure Social Media in Travel + Tourism (SMITTY) Awards. An article from The Examiner posted June 11, 2014 provides more detail Princess Cruises takes top prize for social media savvy

USA Today revealed its Top Cruise Bloggers in new Readers Choice Poll. Not surprisingly, John Heald – John Heald’s Blog finished first followed by Matt Hochberg – Royal Caribbean Blog, Anita Dunham-Potter – Expert Cruiser, Scott Sanders – Disney Cruise Line Blog and Chris Gray Faust – Cruise Critic’s The Lido Deck.


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