/kro͞oz/ n. a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a vacation and usually calling in at several places. 10 Reasons to Cruise Now

  1. Cruise Vacations Offer Great Value.
  2. Visit Multiple Cities Easily
  3. Cruises offer opportunity for a great vacation and make an impact on others
  4. Great Food
  5. Cruises Offer Something For All Ages
  6. Great Entertainment and Activities
  7. All-in-one vacation for family
  8. Great Service/pampering
  9. Convenience and Simple
  10. Activities

Other Reasons: satisfaction, romance, culture, shopping


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AC Milan - AvataracmilanAC Milan

⚽ @pjona9official, @SamuCastillejo e @TheoHernandez seal the deal in #MilanSPAL. Next up, the quarter-finals 👉🏻…

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🗞🏆 #JuveUdinese REPORT: Bianconeri cruise into #CoppaItalia quarters ➡️

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She claims her cruise turned into a nightmare when she and her husband were given a room infested with bedbugs. Now…